LSC EHS Consulting Services, LLC

School-Based & Home-Based School/Daycare Environmental Health and Safety Audit & Inspections

To LSC EHS Consulting Services, monitoring and compliance are key tools in driving a successful school program performance. The use of an independent consultant in monitoring and compliance provides an unprejudiced way to detect early warning signs of potential risk, ensuring program uprightness and liability. Our experts have undertaken thorough independent reviews across various Federal and State programs designed to address Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental, and Department of Transportation challenges. Well-formulated monitoring and adherence verifies quality implementation, stimulates program improvement, and safeguards funding — enabling all partners to continue serving those who benefit from their vital educational mission.

Representative Services:

  • Department of Transportation Compliance Check for Bus Drivers
  • Transportation Inspections
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Hazardous Chemical Identification
  • Building Life Safety Inspection
  • CPSC and ASTM Playground Inspections